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Becoming an API Merchant

Consumers are looking for secure, fast, convenient ways to buy products and services. With the iRecharge API fully integrated into your website and mobile app, your customers and clients are served all our services from any location or device. We only earn when you earn, so our team of skilled software developers are available to make your integration seamless.
The iRecharge API is a white label solution that businesses can incorporate into their websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms to help them establish alternative revenue streams.

Platforms with our integrated API receive commissions upon each successful transaction.

We have a team of highly trained software developers on hand to assist you with the integration process. Join the thousands of businesses and financial institutions who are already utilizing our API to improve their operations.


New revenue channel for your business.
Integration is a breeze thanks to our API documentation, which is well-written and easy to grasp.
From signup to post-integration, our tech and customer support team is available to provide support
It doesn't get in the way of your company's true structure.
It contributes to the growth of your website's traffic and provides a value-added service to your clients.

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